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You can now visit us at our virtual vendor table! Are you majoring in a health profession? Would you like hospital work experience in the emergency department? There are growing opportunities for working as a medical scribe close to school that provides paid patient contact hours. The GVSU Scribe Academy initial portion of training is held online so you can complete the it remotely, from the comfort of your home! Non-GVSU students are also welcome to apply! We are seeking qualified current and recently graduated students to work as medical scribes. As a medical scribe, you will work alongside providers as they enter the emergency room, and assist them with patient medical documentation. Great medical experience! Free job training is provided through the GVSU Scribe Academy, Under the Scribe Role Tab are some great FAQs answered by a current Medical Scribe. Academy graduates move into employment with Helix Scribe Solutions, Hear from medical providers who work with scribes on how the experience can help form your career in healthcare (Click here: This is a great opportunity during a gap year as well! Apply for consideration for monthly free online/hybrid training in spring and summer semesters. Scribes work at emergency departments located in Battle Creek, Big Rapids, Grand Rapids, Greenville, Kalamazoo, Owosso, Paw Paw and Zeeland, Michigan. Apply and let us know which locations would work for you. Get paid to shadow, document, and learn from providers! Kickstart your medical career! Apply now at!


Medical Scribe

September 2018 Grand Rapids, MI
“The first hand medical experience”

Medical Scribe

August 2018 Grand Rapids, MI
“Experience with the medical field. First hand observations.”
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