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ScribeAmerica is the largest international Medical Scribe company in the Healthcare industry; we are the nation's most frequently used and largest professional scribe training and management company, present in over 2,500 healthcare facilities, in 50 states and employing more than 15,000 scribes. We have successfully completed medical scribe programs across a wide spectrum of local environments; rural hospitals, urban hospitals, teaching facilities, private practices, and highly political organizations. These successes provide us with expertise that is unparalleled in the industry. Our medical scribes have been able to prove time and time again that they can master any electronic medical record system, while dramatically increasing physician productivity. We've even successfully pioneered the concept of using scribes to mitigate the decrease in efficiency during EHR implementation- the nation's first!


Emergency Medical Scribe

January 2017 Wilkes-Barre, PA
“I loved getting to be around physicians in a unique atmosphere of an Emergency Department. It is not a usual place to be unless you're a medical professional.”

Medical Scribe

March 2018 - January 2020 Sarasota, FL
“I loved working side-by-side with the physicians. I got to see stuff in the emergency department that I never would have dreamed of seeing. I learned so many new things and met tons of amazing people. I enjoyed getting insight regarding how the emergency department works, how physicians make their medical decision making, and learning about some of the ancillary testing. ”
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For someone looking to be involved with scribe work, such as ScribeAmerica or PhysAssist Scribes, what are some questions I should ask recruiters?

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As a scribe at ScribeAmerica, what was your pay that you received hourly?

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